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EDU-DEX is a stable standard. Changes to the standard often require action on the part of all suppliers and customers, which involves testing, migrating, etc. We therefore minimize the number of changes.

In establishing this open standard, three principles have been paramount:
● The standard is generic: it does not contain fields specific to one sector or company
● As few fields as possible are mandatory; therefore training suppliers are not being asked tp provide information that they do not have, or that is not relevant to their clients.
● The standard will be adjusted twice a year at the most.

We will clearly communicate planned changes early in the process in two ways:
● release dates will be announced well in advance.
● pre-announcements of requested changes and suggested solutions

Last changes
The latest changes to the standard are being listed on the first pages of the technical documentation and in the relevant XSD files

Questions or detailed requests can be sent to

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